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Frictionless Development

AI-powered coding by conversation

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How it works


Easily add repos from GitHub, or upload a .zip file containing a local repo.


Get help implementing new features, refactoring, or learning how your code works.


Bring your ideas to life faster than ever before.



Continuum is the most natural way to interact with your codebase. Spend less time fighting your tools and more time building.


Optimized for instantaneous response, Continuum can ingest even the largest codebases and provide high quality answers in seconds.


Full encryption of all your sensitive files. Retractable granular permissions. Optional data security reports. No third-party data retention.


Continuum can explain and create code, refactor multiple files simultaneously, generate change reports, and more — all fully grounded in your codebase’s context.

Frequently asked

The system is capable of generating complex code changes, debugging exceptions, helping you ideate features, and explaining implementations. It's general-purpose and can support a wide range of user needs across a variety of roles.
Continuum creates a comprehension model of your codebase and lets you interact with it using natural language. Copilot and other popular codegen tools are limited to generating snippets; Continuum interprets your conversations and responds naturally to help you with a wide range of tasks.
Continuum is an intentionally non-agentic platform. We believe language models are most effectively utilized as tools rather than agentic subordinates. So we've designed our system to keep you in flow and let you offload most of your development work to the machine without delegating the actual decision-making process.
Our enterprise tier offers integrations with a range of enterprise data sources and communication channels including Slack, Trello, Jira, Asana, etc. This enables a much tighter development loop, e.g. implementing features just by mentioning tickets.
Your information is read from GitHub only as needed and never stored unencrypted; all code we read from your repositories is encrypted in transit and at rest. Our language model providers don't retain your data for training purposes.
Self-hosting and single-tenant arrangements are available to enterprise customers for an additional fee. Please contact sales@continuum.sh for more information.
The system is language-agnostic with enhanced support for Python, Java, JavaScript, C, C++, Go, and Julia.